The Film Industry is a highly competitive market and one of the most exciting industries to be in for any drone pilot. There is however a great deal of knowledge and expertise pilots need to acquire in order to compete in this space. Likewise, this course is a must for film professionals who want to specialise in aerial cinematography. Using the latest technology we offer students the opportunity to fly ‘on location’ at our outdoor flight area which has man made and natural features to hone the skill. Students will receive training in camera setup (DSLR & Cinema), Drone manoeuvres, Gimbal manoeurvres, safe flying practises, pre, principal & post production planning and much more. We ensure that students are aware of all CAA regulations currently and that rules and privacy is taken into consideration for every flight.

  • Included in the course:
  • check Drone equipment setup
  • check Camera Setup
  • check Consideration for other film departments (art, lighting, grips, etc)
  • check Aerial manoeuvres and shots
  • check Treatment interpretation and story boarding
  • check Copyright law
  • check Live filming of a mock up storyboard
  • check Capturing the right Shots
  • check Shots Explained
  • check Access to professional pilots, cinematographer, editors
  • check Certification on completion of course
  • Pre-requisites:
  • check Drone pilots who want to operate commercially MUST hold a valid RPL or
  • check Advanced pilots who DON’T need basic flight manoeuvre training
  • check Students must provide their own camera and drone equipment
  • check Students must provide their own laptop for editing purposes

For more info on curriculum please contact us directly at or call Omar on 082 372 5964

What Our Clients Say

"Exceptional facilities and very detailed instruction. The practical training was fun and inspired confidence."

PG Harper

"I was on the introduction course and I think that this course needs to be included with every drone sold in SA."

SR. Fisher

"The flying was fun but I didn’t expect to learn about all the laws that must be followed. I definitely feel that I’m a safer hobbyist now."

Gerry vd Walt