This course is designed specifically for RPL holders who are interested in aerial structure inspections. With the rise of drone technology in recent years this industry is fast growing and replaces the the need for teams of people to go out and inspect hard to reach areas. Alternatively the use of RPAS cuts the costs for clients by efficiently and easily reaching these areas. RPAS are able to deliver precision accuracy allowing for analysis and data processing reducing the risk of exposure to humans and increasing the speed of the operation.

We are currently in discussion with Axess Group International who will partner with us so that we can offer a certified course.

Our students will be exposed to the industry and taught the basic procedures of professional aerial inspections to provide valuable and usable data for structures, building assets, mapping, modelling, remote sensing and using 3rd party applications for data processing.

  • Included in the course:
  • check Roof Inspection
  • check Exterior Inspections
  • check Infrastructure Inspections (Wind Turbines, Bridges, Dams, Power Lines, Cellular Towers, Buildings and all other Vertical Assests)
  • check Autonomous Flight Inspection applications and how to use them
  • check Collecting, collating and storage of High Resolution Data
  • check Aerial Inspection Manoeuvres (Actual Flight Training to be graded)
  • check Close proximity flight procedures
  • check Intro to multi spectral remote sensors including Infrared (IR), Thermal, LIDAR, 3D mapping and Volumentrics.
  • check Equipment requirements
  • check Maintenance of RPAS and Sensors
  • check Identifying industry contacts and compilation of a rate card for your services
  • Pre-requisites:
  • check Drone pilots who want to operate commercially MUST hold a valid RPL or
  • check Advanced pilots who DON’T need basic flight manoeuvre training
  • check Students must provide their own camera and drone equipment
  • check Students must provide their own laptop for editing purposes

For more info on curriculum please contact us directly at or call Omar on 082 372 5964

What Our Clients Say

"Exceptional facilities and very detailed instruction. The practical training was fun and inspired confidence."

PG Harper

"I was on the introduction course and I think that this course needs to be included with every drone sold in SA."

SR. Fisher

"The flying was fun but I didn’t expect to learn about all the laws that must be followed. I definitely feel that I’m a safer hobbyist now."

Gerry vd Walt