The 2-Day Digital Photography and Videography Workshop is an intensive exploration of this visual multimedia platform in the digital age. The attendees are immersed in the art and craft of photography and videography, and are introduced to the tools necessary to capture great images and refine them through digital imaging.

Photography and Videography students at Feenix Drone Academy develop the skills necessary to research, compose, and capture digital photo or video projects in a hands-on course. Students are encouraged to be creative, but are also taught to think of each project as a concise statement of artistic and aesthetic intent. They expand their repertoire of techniques with light, composition and conceptualisation using their aerial hardware, as well as intensive research of subject and location.

Please note: All students are required to bring their own aerial digital camera (drone) with manual exposure control. If you don’t have your own, please indicate to us and we will offer to include a suitable drone in the course cost.

  • Included in the course:
  • check The aerial digital camera
  • check The photographic mindset
  • check Developing their own photographic style
  • check Image management & basic editing in Lightroom
  • check Image retouching in Photoshop
  • check Working with crew & models
  • check The diverse world of the photograph – ranging from the happy-snap to newsreel images
  • check The history of photography & the role pictures play in our world
  • check Making their own portfolio
  • check Videography & video editing
  • check Developing your own social media presence
  • check Building and finding their personal brand
  • Pre-requisites:
  • check None

For more info on curriculum please contact us directly at or call Omar on 082 372 5964

What Our Clients Say

"Exceptional facilities and very detailed instruction. The practical training was fun and inspired confidence."

PG Harper

"I was on the introduction course and I think that this course needs to be included with every drone sold in SA."

SR. Fisher

"The flying was fun but I didn’t expect to learn about all the laws that must be followed. I definitely feel that I’m a safer hobbyist now."

Gerry vd Walt