Repairing your own RPAS can save you valuable time and money as opposed to sending it to a repair centre and having a loss of revenue. We will teach you to diagnose and repair your RPAS efficiently so that you are able to carry on working if you’re out in the field.

Our expert instructors and technicians will provide you with the tools to diagnose and repair your own equipment. You will also learn how to recognise potential failure in components before they occur. Preventative practices will be taught which could potentially extend the lifespan of your equipment.

  • Included in the course:
  • check How Quadcopters Fly
  • check Basic Soldering
  • check Motors
  • check Propellers
  • check Electronic Speed Controllers (ESC)
  • check Flight Controllers
  • check Radio Transmitters & Receivers
  • check Batteries
  • check Frames
  • Pre-requisites:
  • check None

For more info on curriculum please contact us directly at or call Omar on 082 372 5964

What Our Clients Say

"Exceptional facilities and very detailed instruction. The practical training was fun and inspired confidence."

PG Harper

"I was on the introduction course and I think that this course needs to be included with every drone sold in SA."

SR. Fisher

"The flying was fun but I didn’t expect to learn about all the laws that must be followed. I definitely feel that I’m a safer hobbyist now."

Gerry vd Walt